Monday, July 29, 2013

Sustainable Living

     This will be my first blog as I start the journey of figuring put how to live in this new economy. I graduated with honors from Purchase College three years ago and it has been a long road since. Purchase College is a very good school. I was shocked at the end to find I was only eligible to work in the retail industry. The industry I went to school and placed myself in debt over four years to escape.
     Fast forward three years later. I decided to take a leap of faith and fell flat on my face. I left a job as a Manager in Kohl's department store to be a baker's assistant. I began work at 4 am and would work until noon then go home and nap and go to my night job as a barista. I was following both my passions that would help me to my ultimate goal, opening a cafe. I wanted a cafe where I could make my own baked goods, then I saw what was in it.
     Not everything in all baked goods are bad and of course always eat in moderation. After a month of working in the restaurant I realized it wouldn't work out. The hours were hell and my boss constantly spoke of leaving which meant I couldn't leave Starbucks and dedicate myself the way she needed me too. It also meant going to a part time income and looking for a means of more sustainable living.
     The one thing I found in my month long trial was a better understanding of food cost at the grocery store. I could make my own bread three times over for the cost of a few loaves and it would be healthier than the ones found in the store. Naturally this make sense if you take out labor cost. Then I started experimenting with recipes that yeilded high volumes of healthy food with low cost overhead. Of course the lowest cost I've found yet is raw veganism. I have yet to see a blog say raw veganism is cheap. It's true that a lot of raw things can be expensive, but it depends on what and where you find what your looking for. This blog will contain a lot of raw vegan recipes as well as my own recipes as I try to cut food costs to navigate my way to paying my bills now that I only have one job. Sit back, enjoy the ride, and let the experimentation begin.

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