Monday, July 29, 2013

Raw Vegan Brownies

      I woke up this morning with the idea to experiment. Raw vegan brownie dough ice cream. The challenge is obviously that you can't use dairy products. There are way of making raw vegan vanilla extract and raw almond milk, but for this experiment I didn't go so far as to make then myself since I already had both in the fridge. My favorite low cost ingrediants are steel cut oats and buckwheat grouts. The short answer of can you eat both raw is yes.
      I started with a cup of oats and scared the cats as I threw on my food processor to grind it into flour. When it got to that nice powdery stage it was time for 2 tspns of agave and a splash of coconut oil. I don't like using to much of either since too much agave can have negative health effects and too much coconut oil can make anything you make with chocolate taste like a samoa girl scout cookie. I like girl scout cookies, but that simply wasn't the taste I was going for.
     I used almond milk to help stick it together, about an eighth of a cup, until it started to look creamy. Since the base of my mixture was oats it absorbed the liquid almond milk and started to look almost like peanut butter. At this point you want to place in some cocoa powder. Start with a spoonful. Raw cocoa powder is very bitter and you may need to adjust sweetner/ milk to taste. A few minutes in the food processor and I was left with two dough balls of raw vegan brownies to become brownie bites. This whole experiment cost me maybe a dollar and a half in ingrediants. Although a high initial expense all the ingrediants have lasted through ten experiments with at least ten more in them. I was not as happy with the ice cream. I think for my next trial I will branch for the all natural vanilla extract as opposed to the alcohol based extract from the store. For now back to the drawing board! Enjoy your brownies and don't be afraid to experiment. Vive la raw revolution!

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