Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bread "Baked" in a Microwave? Yes or No

            Today I decided to try to microwave bread. I think my biggest challenge toward being self-sufficient is doing anything that requires an oven. I have none. I do own a physical oven. However, it currently doesn’t work and I lack the funds to fix it in the near future. That means I have to get creative. I am not the only person without a working oven who wanted to make fresh bread. I would like to take a second to give a lot of credit to those who leapt from the box before me.
            I found a recipe for simple microwave bread which can be found here. It came out just as advertised. I followed the instructions and was greeted with very simple bread for breakfast. I did throw in cinnamon and sugar hoping to produce something like the cinnamon bread they sell at the store. It was did yield good tasting bread. It probably would have tasted better had I not over cooked it. The instructions say it cooks over five minutes, but mine was done in two. I let it go for three and a half just to be safe. I am sure I also had the power on to high. The directions were not very detailed, but my experiment was a success.
            I am sure that I can find a way to make great bread without an oven so that is my next challenge. There will probably be many posts on different bread recipes and the unique ways I try to “bake” them. Some will work and some will flounder. None will include flounder. While I take some time to figure out what works I have some great raw vegan recipes to share over the next few days including an almond/date loaf. Be sure to keep reading and if anyone has any advice comment or message me. This is all about how to survive in the economy for the new generation.

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